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You know you aren't gay.

You know you aren't lesbian.

You're Definitely not straight.

Nor are you ace.

You're Fluid.


You might not even label yourself, or you use labels like bi, pan, Omni, or Polysexual or even MULTI GENDER ATTRACTED, flexible, open, or sexually fluid.



FUN FACT: Bi/pan/fluid/mga/mspec+ folk make up 57% of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States, with 21% of the community: gay, 14% of the community: lesbian, and the remaining 4% identifying as something else. Among them, 10% are transgender.

Our Mission

We are a foundation dedicated to providing a sense of community, emotional well-being, and safety to the fluid array we serve. No one should have to feel alone, whether you're bisexual, pansexual, fluid, polysexual, plurasexual, omnisexual, ambisexual, multi gender attracted & multi gender loving, multisexual, sexually fluid, and non-monosexual queer, or you're a gay or lesbian person who also identifies as homoflexible or lesboflexible, or a straight person who also considers themselves open, curious, questioning, or heteroflexible, or even someone who doesn’t prefer labels or fit in a sector.

Tell us your story and find your community

Volunteer at an event near you!

Help us reach out to more of those who need us.

Every first Wednesday of the month!

Attend our Bi/Pan/MGA/Fluid/Mspec+ Bliss-Out Group! This is a group that meets for fun, discussion, & solidarity.

Every first Wednesday of the month from 6pm to 7pm

We currently only meet at one location:

in downtown Phoenix at the Parsons Center for Health & Wellness

1101 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(Central & Roosevelt stop via light rail) in the Big Box Studio

Bliss-Out group flyer.jpeg


image_6483441 (6).JPG

Introducing our new social group: S.O.D.A. League
The Sapphine, Oblique, Dilly Action (& Activity) League!

Introducing our new social club: The S.O.D.A. League! To learn more about it, read their DRAFT!

at Rising Phoenix
Fitness & Defense
in Tucson, AZ

If you have been thinking about attending a self defense class, come check out the Rainbow Connection! This is a LGBTQIA+ and allies donations-based self-defense class at Tucson's Rising Phoenix Fitness and Defense. Classes are every Saturday at noon at 4500 E Speedway Blvd, suite 4, Tucson, AZ. It's open to the public and walk-ins are always welcome!

Here's a little of what to expect:

- Every week the class addresses different self-defense topics and we're always open to requests.

- Please bring a water bottle.

- No street shoes on the mats. We have cubbies for your belongings and shoes.

- You will need to sign a form before your first class. Please try to come a few minutes early the first time.

- You are in charge of your body in this space. You can decide to sit out, catch your breath, or step out if you need to. You will be respected! This is a safe place to get comfortable with facing tough situations and to push past your comfort level.

Click on the link below for more details and specifics self-defense themes for the month:

Rainbow Connection graphic.jpeg


Fresh Start
2nd Wednesday of the month virtually

Join Fresh Start's monthly group for female identifying, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, bi+ individuals who want to be in a space where our visibility goes beyond stereotypes. Together, we will create connection, validation, and support! Come celebrate yourself with us!

Click the link below to go to register on their website.

volunteer flyer.png


December 24th is Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness & Visibility Day. Show your pan pride colors today! Have a wonderful day celebrating your panromanticism & pansexuality!

Learn more about the terms we use in our ABOUT section.

Introducing our new social group: The S.O.D.A. League!
It stands for The Sapphine, Oblique, Dilly Action (& Activity) League. Come join us every first Friday for downtown Phoenix's First Friday! Meet in front of the entrance fence to the Parsons Center for Health & Wellness at 7pm. Wear something cool & comfy shoes.
Begins June 2nd, just in time for Pride Month!


December 6th through the 12th is Pan Week and December 8th is Pan Pride Day. Have a wonderful week celebrating your panromanticism and your pansexuality!

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