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We've been back in person since 2022. Even though we went on hiatus in 2018, made an announcement and everything, we couldn't keep away and continued our online accounts. Come join us! We have events almost every week of the year. And if you'd like to volunteer, please reach out to us! 😀

--Greg Ward

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

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The decision was tough but it's the right one.

For the past 5+ years I've had the pleasure of running first Bisexuals In Metro Phoenix, then Fluid Arizona, and finally Fluid Array Foundation, three bi/pan/fluid+ organizations focusing on those throughout Arizona with sexual and romantic attraction to more than one gender. The organization has garnered interest throughout the globe with people from all over the world following our social media, getting involved, and contacting us for support. It's been a difficult journey, and while I have spent countless hours assisting in the needs of bi/pan/fluid+ people, and my own dollars along with the gracious money of a few donors over the years towards keeping this organization afloat, the time has come for me and us as an organization to change focus. Fluid Array Foundation as an organization will be going on hiatus for an indeterminate time. When we return in the near future, the social media aspect of it will be taken over by someone else, a volunteer, and the meetups will continue with others hosting, but my part in that portion will have stopped. Bisexuals In Metro Phoenix is still a somewhat active Facebook page and will be taken over by a new administrator. The Arizona Outpost portion of Fluid Array, as well.

I've been a part of things I couldn't have imagined and been blessed to have met and networked with so many bi/pan/fluid+ activists throughout the nation and the world, many of which I am still friends with today. I've written for (which I will continue to do), been interviewed by NBC, participated with the #StillBisexual Campaign, been in a film included in the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, had a write-up about my coming out journey in The Daily Mail in the UK, quoted with artistic photo in the annual online bi magazine Larker Anthology, but the cherry on top was being able to participate in and speak on a panel at the Bisexual Community Briefing at the White House in 2016. I feel these accomplishments weren't made because of me but because of people who believed in me and thought I could add something substantial to the already existing dialogue going on about bi/pan/fluid+ people and how we can better help our community. I'm so grateful for these people for making these things possible and these experiences have enriched my life.

The last year has been trying and events have inspired me to rethink which way I wish to continue on my journey, and because of that I can no longer participate as much as I would like with running Fluid Array Foundation. Hence, why we are going on hiatus. This Bi Pride Month has been bittersweet, as I knew this day was approaching and we had such a great turnout at our celebration on Bi Visibility Day. Although, I'm not running Fluid Array in the capacity that I once was I will still be involved in some aspect, and that will take up the greater focus of my time.

So, we announce that Fluid Array itself will be producing an online program with a focus on the communities and people of Arizona. We will be interviewing local people: bi, pan, trans, straight, gay, lesbian, ace, intersex, polyamorous, etc. of all walks of life and ethnicities: Native, Arab, East Asian, black, white, Latinx, religious, irreligious, political, apolitical, etc. to create a more intimate dialogue about the issues surrounding our various communities with the hopes that it can bring more people together, and in the long run help bi/pan/fluid+ people and others come out of the closet.

I want to thank everyone who contributed over the past five years towards making Fluid Array Foundation (and it's past incarnations) into what it's become today. We are truly grateful for the support, our online followers, members, and former and current leadership, including those who have passed on. Chastity and V, you are still in my heart. The bi community mourns you. When we return from hiatus, we hope we can be a better organization for all who need assistance. And with that, I say farewell. It's been an amazing five years. Here's to a prosperous and beneficial next five and more!

Thank you,

Gregory Ward, founder of Fluid Array Foundation

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